Dojo Etiquette & Rules

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

  • Always bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
  • Be on time. If you are late for the start of class, assume front position near the class, wait for the Instructor’s attention and ask permission to join class.
  • There is no running in the dojo unless an Instructor directs you to do so.
  • When the Instructor calls for lineup, do so quickly and quietly.
  • Listen carefully and sincerely to all instructions. Respect all of your Instructors equally.
  • Always bow to fellow students and Instructors with sincerity and appreciation.
  • Maintain your Gi (uniform) in good condition. Never wear a torn, stained or wrinkled GI.
  • You may wear an American Kenpo Karate Academy T-shirt instead of a regular GI top during the summer.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the workout area, in the changing rooms, or in the spectator area.
  • No shoes or sneakers allowed in the training area. However, you may wear special martial arts training shoes.
  • Review the calendar, bulletin event notices, on our website at before or after class.
  • Let Sensei know if you expect a lengthy absence from classes.
  • Always let your Instructor know if you are injured or ill.
  • If you arrive early, you may practice quietly. Never interrupt a class or private lesson in progress.
  • Remove all jewelry (possibly, with the exception of wedding bands and post-style earrings). You could injure yourself, someone else, or otherwise damage the jewelry.
  • You must get permission to use any of the equipment.
  • Keep the restrooms and spectator area clean and orderly. No playing anywhere in the dojo.
  • Do not lean or sit against the walls.
  • Follow rules of good sportsmanship before, during and after each activity or game. If you cannot comply with this rule, you will not participate.
  • Follow all instructions your Instructor gives you. We will not ask you to perform beyond your capabilities. Use the lavatory before class to avoid interrupting class.
  • If you must leave the training area for anything, get permission first.
  • When you have questions, raise your hand and wait until the Instructor calls on you.
  • We are committed to providing a drug-free, healthful environment. There is no smoking permitted in any part of the school.

Waiting Area Rules

We provide a waiting area and seating while classes are in progress.

  • Be respectful by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Monitor the activities and noise level of any children for whom you are responsible.
  • Do not interrupt a class in progress, disrupt your child during class, or otherwise interfere with an Instructor. It is disrespectful to the students and the Instructor.
  • When watching class, please step outside for conversations on your cell phone so you do not disrupt others in the spectator area.